Must See Videos!

The Future of Food (10 min) Must See Videos

Raw for 30 Days – Trailer

EXCLUSIVE-Woody Harrelson Interview for "Raw for 30 Days"

Supersize Me -Trailer

We Become Silent Narrated by Dame Judi Dench

Special Interest

FDA Announces Plan to Eliminate Vitamin Companies

Weston A. Price Foundation - nutrition in food, farming Mental and Emotional Health

OUR BODY: The Universe Within

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Health Issues

Dr Oz

Dr. Mercola - Take Control of Your Health

Decrease in Anogenital Distance among Male Infants with Prenatal Phthalate Exposure

Vytorin Parody Advertisement and Scientific Fraud at Merck (video)

Merck Caused Scientific Fraud in Delay's, Distortions of Vytorin Drug Trial

Health & Wellness News

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Food Co-Ops & Stores

A list of Michigan's Organic Local Farms

A list of Michigan's Organic Local Farms and stores.

Bulk Food Barn (North Flint)
Christina DeSota  810 720-9761,

Natures Vitality, Inc. Store & co-op
Vickie Kreis, 810 658-5305, 1086 N Irish Rd., Davison

Health Alive (organicly grown produce)
Ulysses & Darlia Singleton, 810 487-1442
7306 Stanley Rd., Flushing 48433

The Grainery Natural Grocery
Susan and Michael Beattie, 810-235-4621
809 Church St., Flint, 48502
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
They have always been organic, including fresh meat, poultry, frozen and refrigerated foods.

Weston A. Price Foundation - nutrition in food, farming Mental and Emotional Health

Westwind Milling Company
Lee and Linda Purdy, 810-735-9192
8572 Silver Lake Rd., Linden, MI 48451
Business Hours: Tues-Sat 11am-6:30pm, Sun 12-5pm
Organic grain, including corn, wheat, rye, spelt, and barley.

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Natural Doctors

Dr. David Brownstein, MD - Holistic Family Medicine

Dr. Mercola

A New Life Center - Chiropractic Care with Dr. Jason Clift, D.C.

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Children Issues

Medicines Too Risky for Tots (video)

Children Cold/Cough Drug Recall

Toxic Baby Bottles (pdf)

Chemicals in baby shampoo: What to do now

Nature's One - Organic Dairy Formula

Diaper Pin - Information for cloth diapering

Diaper Safari - Information for cloth diapering

How Breast Milk is Produced

Foogo Cups - A safer alternative to sippy and toddler cups.  Sold online or at Target.

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The Truth About Unfermented Soy and Its Harmful Effects

Gone Raw is a website with raw, vegan food recipes from around the world.

Local Organic Farmers
Harley & Linda Thomas  (989) 661-2354

Almar Apple Orchard  810 659-6568

Turtlebee Farms
Pure Raw Honey  810 266-4880

Michigan Door-to-Door Organics
Kristin 810-936-5026

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Dr. Richard Schulze

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NingXia Red

NingXia Red

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Immune System

Learn all about your immune system.

How Stuff Works - How Your Immune System Works

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Health Information

Natural solutions to many health issues

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Research Chemicals, Toxins Names and Side Effects
From Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Household Hazardous Products
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Ethylene Glycol

Chemical Safety Information Glossary

Sodium Hexametaphosphate MSDS (pdf)

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Medication Side Effects

Drugs and Their Side Effects

Medication Side Effects

Drugs A-Z List

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Cosmetics / Skin Care Problems (See below for purchasing)

Skin Deep - look up your products and see how safe they are.

Visit here to find Big 7 Cosmetics Companies

National Library of Medicine's Household Products Database

Take action - your right to buy safe personal care products.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Lip and Eye Makeup

Chemicals in baby shampoo: What to do now

Can Beauty Be Dangerous?

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Cosmetics / Skin Care To Purchase

Make up is an unregulated mess! Most women have no idea what they are really putting on their skin and the damaging effects it has on them or there little girls. I am constantly asked what kind of make up is safe to purchase. I have done some research to try to find you pure, natural and organic make up for the face, eyes, lips, foundations, powders, applicators and nail polish. Some of these companies use Titanium Dioxide and essential oils that are not truly pure. I do not promote the uses of these ingredients. With that being said, the following cosmetic company products are better for you then what you can buy in the store, no mater what price you pay for it!

Mineral Face FX 100% Pure Mineral Cosmetics

I like FX because they do not add fillers or ingredients such as bismuth oxychloride, magnesium stearate, fragrance, talc, or refined products.

Suncoat Products, 519-780-0149

Earth's Beauty, 888-586-9719

Natural Solutions Cosmetics

Organic Cotton balls, Tampons, Swabs

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Health Classes

Nutrition Classes, Terrie Hubbs, 810 639-8077

Living Balanced, How to Live Toxic Free Classes, Stacey Kimbrell, 810 423-5721

The Healthy Bra Company, Pam Tracey, 810 653-2615

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Truth in Labeling

MSG-Free: Avoiding the HIdden Sources

Mike Adams talks about MSG

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You want organic or heirloom seeds, Not genetically engineered seeds.

Seeds of Change

Mountain Rose Herbs

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Help fight for your rights

Help stop bans on safe and effective natural products

Alliance Natural Health

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TV Programs Devoted To Natural and Alternative Medicines

Well TV

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Young Living Events

Vegetarian Summer Fest is July 7th - 11th, 2010 conference.

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