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Identifying Toxic Chemicals

Toxic Chemicals are all around us - in our air, water, food, the products we use. They're in our bodies too. Please take some time to read and print the following articles. Please make use of the Toxic Chemical Cheat Sheet. Please reference Living Balanced Book for a complete list and description of each chemical.


Hidden Toxic Chemicals (Simple Cheat Sheet)

Complete Toxic Chemical Cheat Sheet

Harmful Chemical and Neurotoxins in Home

Top 20 Harmful Carcinogen Ingredients

Prestone Antifreeze Container

Propylene Glycol (Antifreeze) Handout

Tobacco Smoking 599 Chemicals in 1 Cigarette

Toxic Plastics, Bottles and Containers

Hand Sanitizer Risks

Lysol Hazards To Our Health

University of Michigan Study on Hand Sanitizers