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Are French Fries Our Buddies?

Our family began learning about the toxic chemicals that are in our foods, drinks and skin care.  During this time we watched the movie “Super Size Me” and decided to stop consuming French fries because of the chemicals used in their preparation that damage our health and well-being. 

My son Austin (age 9 at the time) decided to do an experiment for the science fair at school. He wanted to find a French fry we could feel safe eating.  His conclusion shocked many.  Out of 20 different fast food, sit-down restaurants and frozen French fries only 2 samples molded.  That is scary because, if you cut a raw potato in half it will mold in 2 days.  Food is supposed to mold…  If it is real food!  Please read Austin’s report for more details.

Contrary to beliefs it is not because of the oil that they are fried in or the MSG. It is the chemical Tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) that “petrifies” food so that its appearance never changes. See Chemical discriptions below

The winners are Red Robin & Fuddruckers!

Both Red Robin and Fuddruckers french fries molded. This illustrates that these fries don’t have harsh preservatives in them.  The hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils are not the best for you, but it is better than the other chemicals and it means that you are still eating a potato!

*Caution: Red Robin does have Autolyzed and Hydrolyzed (another name for MSG) products in there seasoning salt.  So, when you head to Red Robin for fries and a burger ask them NOT to use any of the seasoning salt on it and you will be fine.

* Do your own experiment and see what Fries mold in your area.

The French Fries That Never Molded
Since Nov. 29 2008 to Nov. 3 2009

That means they are laden with chemicals that change the make up of the food, hence not giving you any nutritional value when you eat them and actually harm your body.

A& W





Famous Dave’s

Olive Garden

Tony Restaurant

Burger King

Gina Restaurant



West Side Dinner

Please continue to seek the truth in what is really in our products.

Are French Fries Our Buddies Report

Disodium Pyrophosphate

TBHQ Food Grade Antioxidant


Now a days we no longer enjoy a natural whole food diet. Our meals are pre-packaged and frozen, many of which contain unnatural toxins, excitotoxins, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, additives, coloring and carcinogens. Amazingly, our skin care products are just as bad, if not worse!

When we eat these kinds of foods they often disrupt our bodies' systems and create conditions of acidosis, candida (yeast) that turn into inflammation, which cause disease in the body. All of these lead to the weakening of your immune system, leaving you very vulnerable.

It has only been since July 27,2007 that we found out how we are being poisoned.   We were initially shocked, disheartened, and disappointed, and still are at times. When you visit our toxin page for more information you will see that I am not exaggerating. The great part of this is now you know! All you have to do is make conscious healthier choices. I wish you well on your journey of taking control of your health!

Knowledge is Power! Hosea 4:6