Dear Stacey, I want to thank you sincerely, for every thing you have done. I hope God blesses you with all that you need. I cannot name one person who has so unselfishly given of their time and abilities, for helping me become a better me, for teaching me, for your kindness and laughter.
Thank YOU!


Thank you for helping others realize the dangerous chemicals that are all around us, and causing all kinds of ill health. I pray that God will Bless you for the work you are doing to help His people.


You deserve all the blessings the Good Lord sends your way! You have done such a fantastic job at gathering all your information to share with others, and this I truly appreciate!! I think you are a very special person, as you share what you learn with the rest of us, expecting nothing in return. This is what a true "teacher" is.
I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and all those you meet, that their eyes and ears will be open to the information you share with them. Bringing this information to the forfront "will" make a huge difference in the world and hopefully, the younger generation will take this information and say "NO MORE."

May God continue to bless you in your works.


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Living Balanced
Healthy Mind & Body Reference Guide
By Stacey Kimbrell

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Stacey Kimbrell, National and International Speaker on how to live a balanced lifestyle and make better choices that directly influence our health and success in life, has written a godsend for many of our questions concerning wellness; and it's available for all to use, learn from, and change lives forever.

Living Balanced presents an immense amount of information, in concentrated snippets, which makes each chapter easy to digest and comprehend. She uses testimonials and medical facts from nationally and internationally recognized institutions to discuss the adverse effects of the chemicals we unknowingly expose ourselves to, e.g., in food, household cleaners, and cosmetics.

During the journey that Stacey takes you on, you'll experience a myriad of feelings. The first probably being doubt – “Could this information really be true?” or “Could the government actually know about and allow these things?” After you research to see if the statements she makes are fact or fiction (which she repeatedly encourages you to do), soon, you'll discover the truth: doubt, will most likely transition to anger or disbelief at certain authorities we trust and the decisions they have made regarding our health. But no matter what you take away from Living Balanced- by the end, you'll never look at the products or foods you use and buy the same - and this will be the first step to taking control of your health, your life, and your happiness. Live Balanced.

This book contaun 189 pages of helpful info.  This information is a great resource for day-to-day living.  “Living Balanced” brings people back to the basics for a healthier life.


Improve Your Health And Well-Being Naturally
Are You Going To Eat That?
The Bad & Terrible Sugar
The Nitty Gritty on Salt (New Section)
What’s Wrong With My Cooking Oil?
Yummy Soda Pop
Hot Dogs & Nitrites
Why French Fries Don’t Mold
What’s In Your Milk?
What is Soy?
Gluten, Grains & Enzymes (New Section)
MSG The Excitotoxin
Effects of Aspartame
The Dark Side of Mold
EMFs... What Are They? (New Section)
Microwave Ovens Destroy Our Food’s Nutritional Value
Toxic Plastic Bottles and Containers
Top 25 Harmful or Carcinogenic Ingredients in Our Home

Chapter 2: THE EFFECT
Immune Systems Under Attack
Inflammation = Degenerative Disease
How Do You Doo? (with chart)
Healthy Cell 101
Does Cancer Run In Your Family?
Cholesterol Myths & Truths
The Impact of Acidosis On Our Organs
pH Food List
Good Blood Gone Bad

Take Complete Control of Your Health
Cleansing Steps Overview
• Liver, Gallbladder and Kidney Stone Cleanse (4 & 2 Day)
• The Master Cleanse
• Bless Your Body and Improve Your Cellular Function
Jucing For Your Health
If You're Not Happy and You Know It... Une Progesterone (New Section)
Vitamin D (New Section)
Magnesium (New Section)
The Power of Enzymes!
Candida Diet
Top (Fungus) Foods That You Will Want To Avoid
Meatless Sources of Protein
Water, How Much Is Enough?
The Clock Diet
A Guide To Natural Sweeteners
Coconut & Olive Oil - A Healthier Choice
Oil Pulling (New Section)
Skin Is Your Largest Organ (New Section)
Toxic Free Cleaning Products
Extra Curricular Activities... Sex
Stop Stress'n
God's Intelligent Design
Essential Oils Application
Top Unwanted Toxic Chemicals Found In Your Home
Hidden Toxins Cheat Sheet
Toxic Chemical Cheat Sheet


About the author:

When Stacey Kimbrell read her toothpaste label she was shocked to see, "If you accidentally swallow, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately." Through research of each ingredient listed on the tube she discovered that nearly all of the ingredients were toxic and led to a host of health problems. Angry and concerned for her family's health, she continued to research the ingredients in the foods she and her family consumed every day. She was alarmed to learn that nearly all the foods contained toxic ingredients.

Stacey began to wonder if these toxic ingredients were the reason for her family's health concerns. For the next 20 months, Stacey researched the chemicals found in foods and cleaning products. She attended educational events, classes and seminars on Toxins and studied many D.N.M. She realized that with continued use of toxic laden products, the body cannot maintain a healthy balance and becomes more susceptible to illness and disease. She also learned that many illnesses and diseases are caused by the toxins that we unknowingly consume.

As Stacey learned about the negative consequences of the toxins in foods and products, she felt an overwhelming responsibility to spread the word to as many people as possible. Thus, "Living Anointed" was created by Stacey to provide teaching, speaking and consulting services for those interested in Holistic Health, Wellness and Chemical Awareness.

Stacey has become a Natural Health Advocate, sought after lecturer aswell as the author of "Living Balanced and creator of, (a website dedicated to informing other of healthy non-toxic living).

"Living Balanced" was created to challenge you to become your own health advocate by taking control of what you ingest, inhale and absorb into your body. "The Solutions" chapter explains which toxins are contained in the most common foods and products. "The Effects" chapter will demonstrate how some very painful and debilitating health issues can be eliminated through the elimination of toxins. Stacey hopes that she can convince you, by sharing her abundance of knowledge, and her personal testimony, that you too can "Live Balanced".