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Women's Hormones

Dan C. Purser, MD has an extensive resume that includes practices in family medicine with an emphasis on women's health and preventative care of the body. Dr. Purser presented the important role hormones play in women's health.


Dr. Purser has written 4 patient handbooks all of which are condensed portions of the textbooks.

Program 120, motto: the superior doctor prevents sickness, Discover the link between top health issues and the latest in published science in Dr. Purser's Program 120.

Real fibromyalgia Rx, (Targeting the pituitary as the root cause of those suffering from fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigu Syndrome, and Interstitial Cystitis

Real Solutions for the top 7 Female Health Concerns, Dr. Purser targets the top killers that affect American women today.

Progesterone: The Ultimate Women's Feel-Good HormoneDr. Dan purser, a medical doctor who tested it for us. He said we will have to do saliva and blood tests. Saliva is very unpredictable test. Not recommended. Dr. Lee used saliva tests. Very erratic. The gold standard is blood. We tested what oils and formulas would work in the blood.


It is the

Dan Purser notes from a Health Confrence,

  • “Progesterone is really good for women.”
    because it contains micro-amounts so better absorbed. His work: trauma, preventive medicine, plastic surgery.
  • The Pituitary is very fragile. It has a fragile vasculature. Its main artery doesn’t even come through it but down along a bone and is often broken. It can’t be repaired.
  • One of the main problems in women is the pituitary. Childbirth (coming through the birth canal) can cause problems for the pituitary. Whiplash is also a big problem: it shifts the brain and tears the stalk of the pituitary. Pneumonia and bad diarrhea and dehydration can also change the pituitary. Many things can.
  • FSH comes out of the front of the pituitary. Without a good functioning pituitary one can have low progesterone.
  • Your pituitary, FSH comes out of the front of your pituitary. Its very fragile. If your brain shifts you can damage the stalk. Progesterone comes from your ovaries. FSH comes from pituitary, goes to the ovaries, stimulates them to make P4 (progesterone)
  • The most common cause of low progesterone in younger women is pituitary damage Trauma from surgery, car accidents -whiplash, traumatic shock, (diarrhea, dehydration) tumors, drug inhaling (cocaine-a vaso restrictor), stress, cheerleading, gymnastics, TBI, childbirth issues (sheehans’s Syndrome), etc.

Dr Purser website:

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Dr Purser Bio: Bio/DrDanPurser


  • PMS
  • headaches, especially bad migraine headaches
  • endometriosis
  • hot flashes
  • day and night sweats
  • TMJ (lack of progesterone)
  • insomnia
  • dehydration leading to neuropathy
  • lack of libido
  • hair loss
  • increases acne

Most Physicians believe these symptoms are from low estradiol (estrogen)
Most are wrong.
98% of the above conditions are caused by low progesterone. Estrogen dominance means not enough progesterone to balance.

Five B’s of estrogen dominance
Backache, bleeding-excessive, bloating, breast tenderness, bitchiness, uterine fibroids.

Estrogen dominance means too much estrogen. Must balance progesterone


  • sweaty
  • sleepy
  • bloaty
  • forgetful
  • itchy
  • witchy
  • bitchy (psych. probs)


  • cools arteries
  • prevents 98% of hot flashes
  • prevents 98% of day or night sweats
  • prevents 98% of PMS
  • prevents 98% of migraine headaches in females only
  • improves post-partum depression
  • aids in weight loss
  • decreases acne
  • mood elevation (best time to take is at night)
  • helps 98% of TMJ inflammation
  • reduces breast cancer risk
  • aids in sleep at night
  • heals nerves: enables nerve remyelination
  • reduces endometriosis
  • improves bone density
  • improves libido
  • makes breasts light and fluffy (husbands’ favorite)

P4 or the human biological equivalent of progesterone aids in weight loss. P4 as used previously does not; it has been a synthetic progesterone which even the MD's say is synthetic.

We are talking strictly about human progesterone or P4

  • P4 does not equal synthetic progesterone
  • Synthetics are bad
  • Mpa or levonorgesterol like in birth control pills are bad
  • Is carcinogenic and causes breast cancer ( tons of studies on this)
  • Taking 1 birth control pill adds 10 year of increased risk of getting breast cancer
  • Natural is good. P4 is good!
  • In this context what is human progesterone or natural progesterone?
  • The P4 we use is molecularly identical to progesterone produced in the human body.
  • Wild yams contain natural compounding which creates a natural P4.

Synthetic progesterone, P4, was a risk of breast cancer.

Fully formed progesterone. Not a yam precursor like some OTC. Pure progesterone is the end product, Super micronized for tiny particle size-less than 5 microns. The tinier the better absorbed.

We always check blood levels before and after. Salivary tests are too inaccurate for what we do (sorry). No pre or post menopausal woman should ever have a serum leve of 1.0 ng/ml ever! Normal serum is 2.0 ng/ml

Dr. Purser said "I usually presecribe a sublingual progesterone so it can get straight into the blood stream. But topical is even better."

What the medical research says about P4

Prevents menstrual migraine headaches in women. Widely known since 1971- do you know how important this is?

  • Progesterone for nerve healing (remyelination)
  • Prevents and relieves TMJ inflammation
  • Benefits PMS
  • Endometriosis
  • If resistant to progesterone must take larger doses of progesterone.
  • Improves libido
  • Helps with sleep. It is the woman’s feel good hormone.

Results of one lady study

  • One lady's homone was at 0.20
  • 1 ml was applied to the neck and forarm, 30 minutes later it was 0.27.
  • 50 minutes it was 2
  • 120 minutes it was 3.78
  • 3 hours it was at 1.52
  • 4 hours later- 3.75

1000 mg applied around neck and arms after just one application on her neck on Thursday she reported symptom relief through Sunday at lunch.

They ran a 2nd study with an oil substance.

  • Even less than one drop, enhance skin penetration
  • 1 ml- 30 drops

First study was done with 1 millilieter

  • 2nd study with the oils
  • before they started,subject was at 0.20
  • 60 minutes after the drop 2.31
  • 2 hours later the same
  • 3 hours later 0.60
  • 1/30th the application, better faster results and it smells good

3 ways to apply

  • On your neck- it smells good, apply any time you have symptoms, rub on temples if you have a migraine.
  • Rub over the side of the neckfor faster absorption. Don’t press when you rub.
  • Rub on temples if you have a migraine. Don’t press when you rub. And don’t get in your eyes

Safe for young girls if they’re PMSing, they’ll get real happy and calm fast. No more crying or screaming. It will not suppress their own progesterone production. If period is heavy, use more If excessive bleeding, see your doctor. Don’t use directly on men, it lowers their libido.

Dr. Purser says when patients go to see him, they have told him they spent $400 to $600 a month on their progesterone program. Here you only have to spend under $40 on a 15ml bottle and it will last a long time.

** Why is Natural Progesterone listed on Proposition 65 of the California Act? **

The OEHHA reviewed a series of animal studies that used progestins (synthetic progesterone) and natural progesterone (bio-identical progesterone). The greater percentage of the studies were with progestins and natural progesterone combined with synthetic estrogens. The administered doses of natural progesterone were up to 1000 times than found in natural progesterone creams and were either injected, oral or suppository. Just a few of the studies used natural progesterone exclusively and not one of the studies used a natural progesterone cream. Based on this review, the State of California made the decision to add natural progesterone (bio-identical) to proposition 65. California is the only state that has made this decision and no other State supports proposition 65. In the past, many decisions like this have been reversed and the item was removed from proposition 65 in what California refers to as being “Delisted”.

One other note: On the bottle there is a "California Act" that states an ingredient can cause cancer. That statement is referring to progesterone.

To add some perspective here:

  • Bioidentical progesterone is not listed as a potential carcinogen in any other state in the USA.
  • Bioidentical progesterone is routinely used in fertility clinics around the globe to help sustain pregnancy in high-risk situations.
  • Bioidentical progesterone is carcino-protective; it helps counteract the carcinogenic effects of estrogen.

Why doesn’t synthetic HRT have a Prop 65 warning if estrogens and progestins are on the list? Because prescriptions given to consumers are excluded from carrying warnings as the physician and pharmacist act as “informed intermediaries”.

Some cream manufacturers believe that, based on the scientific research surrounding progesterone to date, progesterone, when used at physiological levels (2% creams), poses no cancer risk.

Question: Does progesterone Cream causes cancer?

No it doesn't -cause- cancer. Otherwise we'd all have it since our progesterone levels rose every month when we had ovaries, and especially when we were pregnant. There are cancers with progesterone receptors, just like there are those with estrogen receptors, but neither is caused by the hormone, it just helps them grow faster.

Here's the part of the California law which led to that label. In order to NOT be labeled as cancer causing “a person exposed to the chemical at the ‘no significant risk level’ for 70 years would not have more than a ‘one in 100,000’ chance of developing cancer as a result of that exposure.” So, if there would be more than one excess case of cancer out of 100,000 people over a period of 70 years because of exposure to that amount of whatever, you have to put that label on it. Even cars and computer cables have to have that label in CA for several reasons.

The molecules here are identical to the human progesterone you make yourself. They are not made of an animal product.

In this case it’s been carefully and naturally made from wild yams. Through a natural company process it becomes actual. progesterone. IT IS BIOLOGICALLY IDENTICAL. It is a fully formed progesterone, NOT A YAM PRECURSER. Pure progesterone is the end product. It is super-micronized for better absorption. Physicians are his (Dr. Purser’s) main patients, as there is a lot of bad progesterone out there.

There can not only be a “lack of” but also “progesterone resistance”.

In one example after 1 ml was applied to neck and forearms:

  • after 30 minutes 0.27
  • after 60 minutes 0.53
  • after 120 minutes 4.0 This was a 1900% increase

This will be different for everyone.

Here is another test, using ONLY 1 DROP of.
Put it on the carotid artery at neck, for faster absorption.
One drop is 1/30 of a ml.

  • 0 before
  • 0.69 30 minutes later
  • 2.31 1 hour later
  • 2.0 2 hours later
  • 0.60 3 hours later