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Living Balanced
Healthy Mind & Body Referance Guide
By Stacey Kimbrell

This reference guide is designed to assist you through your daily life as you make positive changes to improve your health and well-being.  Learning how to healing your body naturally, through eating whole food nutrition, non-toxic products and Young Living Essential Oils.  You will learn which toxic chemicals are in your food, cleaners, skin-care & non-toxic substitutes.

Better health sarts with making wise decisions, becoming responsible in what you eat, how you take care of your body, balancing and your pH levels, clearing toxins and candida from your body, improving your diet, exercising and working towards an overall health body, mind and soul are all keys to a balanced life.


Chapter 1: The Cause

Improve Your Health And Well Being Naturally

Are You Going To Eat That?

The Bad & Terrible Sugar

What’s Wrong With My Cooking Oil?

Hot Dogs & Nitrites

What’s In Your Milk?

What is Soy?

MSG The Excitotoxin

Effects of Aspartame

Microwave Ovens Destroy the Nutritional Value of Your Food

Toxic Plastic Bottles and Containers

Top 25 Harmful or Carcinogenic Ingredients in Our Home

Chapter 2: The Effect

Immune Systems Under Attack

Inflammation = Degenerative disease

Healthy Cell 101


Acidosis Impact on Our Organs/ Your pH Balance

pH Food List

Chapter 3: The Solutions

Take Complete Control of Your Health

Cleansing Steps

Liver, Gallbladder and Kidney Stone Cleanse

Master Cleanse

Bless Your Body and Improve Your Cellular Function

Candida Diet

Top (Fungus) Foods That You Will Want To Avoid

Water, How Much Is Enough?

Vegetarian Protein List

The Clock Diet

A Guide To Natural Sweeteners

Healthy Cooking Oils

Toxic Free Cleaning Products

Everything You Wanted To Know About Essential Oils

Essential Oil Application

Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils

9 Essential Oils For Every Home and Every Day Use

Top Unwanted Toxic Chemicals Found in Your Home

Toxic Chemical Cheat Sheet